New AR mod gives some freedom back to gun owners in anti-gun states

New AR mod gives some freedom back to gun owners in anti-gun states

This modification is designed specifically for gun owners unfortunate enough to live in anti-gun states like California.

The SAFE MAG by Cross Armory is a mod for AR-15 and M-4 platforms that gets around bullet buttons and other fixed magazine requirements imposed by ridiculous anti “assault rifle” legislature.

Yes, it is more complicated than a standard mag release, but this is a pretty nice alternative when a standard mag release becomes illegal. This two button mechanism allows the shooter to quickly separate and then reattach the upper and lower receivers, which automatically drops the magazine.

Here’s the formal description from Cross Armory’s website:

Cross Armory’s SAFE MAG is intended to be consistent with the fixed magazine laws which state that your weapon must have a “fixed magazine” which has been defined as “an ammunition feeding device contained in, or permanently attached to, a firearm in such a manner that the device can not be removed without disassembly of the firearm action.”

The firearm action of an AR-15 and M4 is housed in the upper and lower receivers. Separating the upper and lower receiver to release your magazine disables the firearm action.

Cross Armory’s SAFE MAG also allows for insertion of a new magazine when the upper receiver and lower receiver are closed, without bending or stressing the hardware of the weapon or of SAFE MAG.