Unique antique revolver can use a suppressor effectively

Unique antique revolver can use a suppressor effectively

Have you ever seen a revolver with a suppressor?

Unlike most other revolvers (except the Webley), the 1895 Nagant has a special design that creates a perfect seal between the shell casing and the barrel. The 19th century weapons designers were looking for a way to increase the muzzle velocity of their revolver. Their solution set the Nagant apart from all other revolvers by preventing any gas from escaping the cylinder. This unique feature makes the Nagant the only revolver that can use a suppressor effectively.

An unfortunate side effect is a ridiculously heavy 20 lb double action trigger.

Beautiful Ash from JMac Customs demonstrates this unique feature with an AAC TiRant 9 Suppressor in the video below.

You may notice her having a little trouble with the trigger. That’s because the factory specs for this revolver are 13 lbs for the single action pull and a whopping 20 lbs for the double!